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Recently Mrs Levitt took part in a tournament in Australia and the weather was above 30 degrees. After her successful visit and very long journey, Mrs Levitt returned to England with many Australian souvenirs, however the best souvenir of all was the gold medal that she won representing England in the hockey tournament.

We interviewed Mrs Levitt about her fantastic trip and
outstanding achievement.

 “It was tiring to travel to Australia but well worth it. In Australia, it was above 30 degrees but I enjoyed playing in the heat and it is important to drink plenty of water.”

We asked Mrs Levitt who inspired her to play
hockey and she said that it was her P.E teacher at secondary school. At the age of 11, she picked up her first hockey stick in school and begged her mum to buy one from the second hand shop.

Mrs Levitt told us that after that moment she has never put it down! She has
competed in European championships, World Cups, Home Internationals and Champions Trophy. She told us “You have to constantly
focus during training and competitions because hockey is a fast game with roll on roll off substitutions. You are on the pitch for seven minutes and then off again so when you go back on you have to be focused”.
The year Mrs Levitt competed in her first international competition was the year 2007.

Over the following years, she competed in many hockey
competitions receiving two World Cup gold medals, a European gold medal and being in International home winning teams.”

Mrs. Levitt stated that “winning a hockey competition was a fantastic feeling.  The experience of losing makes you stronger as a competitor and losing makes you work harder to win the next tournament”.

There is not have a special diet even though she tries to eat healthy. Her training is once a month for England or more depending if she has a big competition.

We would like to thank Mrs Levitt for answering our questions and say well done from everyone in school.