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Important Administration of Medicine Updates

Important Information
Updated Medicine Administration Policy and Procedures

We understand that medicines can be potentially harmful and so we strictly control medication in school.
If the pupil can administer the medication themselves, it is done under the supervision of a member of staff or the child’s parents.

All pupils at this school with specific medical conditions, such as asthma, have easy access to their emergency medication

The school will only consider administering medication if it is to be taken at least four times per day , medicines prescribed to be taken three times a day can be taken before school, after school and at bed time.
Medicines will only be administered by the school when:

A) Children are well enough to be in school
B) the child’s parents are unable to do so
C) It would be detrimental to a child’s health if the medicine were not administered during the school day.

However, there may be some children whose care or condition is particularly complex and the school may be unable to comply with the request. If there is any doubt then the matter will be referred to the head teacher who will make a determination.

Only medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse prescriber or pharmacist prescriber will be administered. Medicines from any other source, e.g. over the counter medicines such as Calpol (see exception below) will not generally be administered by staff. 

Calpol (or similar) can only be administered for a specific reason for a maximum of three days if parents provide a sachet with a single measured dose each day, with clear instructions as to their wishes (if those wishes are in line with the guidance on the sachet).

Medicines must always be provided in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacist, have the child’s name on the container and include the prescriber’s instructions for administration. Parents also need to provide the means by which to measure the appropriate dose.

Cough sweets and sore throat sweets should not be brought to school.

Please note that the school cannot under any circumstances administer medicines on an ‘as needed’ basis as only a child’s parents can make the determination as to when it might be needed as they

a) Know the child, b) have spoken directly to a nurse/doctor and c) need to know how often medication has been applied/taken. In exceptional cases parents may request to make an appointment to consider whether the child should have an individual care plan.


Record Keeping and Reporting
The school will keep written records of all medicines administered to students

NB If the school believes that parents may be giving medication routinely (when not needed), or are not following the prescription correctly, this a safeguarding issue and we have a duty to report this to the appropriate agencies.

To view the full updated Administration of Medicines Policy, please visit our school website and click on the policies tab.