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Martongate School prides itself on being a fully inclusive school. We welcome all pupils regardless of need and disability. At Martongate School we provide all children with the education they are entitled to through high quality teaching, use of resources and deployment of personnel. 




All staff have the responsibility to identify and teach pupils with SEND.
The school uses a graduated approach. We will assess children whom we have concerns over either raised by staff or parents.
Tests could involve Reading, Spelling, Maths, Dyslexia and Dysalculia. We will also involve outside agencies if the concern requires it, such as referring pupils to Speech and Language Therapy, Sensory Support Service, Physical and Sensory Support Service, Educational Psychologist, Physio Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

How will the school let a parent / carer know if they have any concerns about their child?

The school will phone and invite parents / carers into school to discuss any concerns face to face.



Pupils on Role

Martongate School currently has 426 pupils on role.

10 30




Pupils with SEND will have an TSP, Termly Support Plan, which is a set of targets and strategies to address the child's area of difficulty. These are evaluated at least every term (3 times per year)and new targets are set. However, this may happen more frequently if children have met their targets.
The SENDCO and SEND Governor monitor the TSP and provision every term and assess the children every half term by looking at progress data, standard of work, TSP's, discussions with staff, pupils and parents and then adapt the provision if necessary. 




 Meet our SEND Team


Mrs Elaine Morris

BSC with QTS qualified in 1999,  MEd Masters in Education qualified in 2011,  NASENCO achieved in 2013.     

SEND Governor                                                                            
Mrs Sarah Leddy     

Mrs Leddy has the Certificate in, Applied educational Studies in, Dyslexia and is qualified to screen, and teach children with dyslexia.    

Tel 01262 673975
Martongate Primary School, Martongate, Bridlington,
East Yorkshire, YO16 6YD




Pupil Support

Educational, Behavioural, Social and Emotional and Family Support are available in school.

Support is allocated by need. Some pupils with a Statement of Educational need or EHCP plan will have an allocation of hours of support. Individual programmes of intervention will be timetabled to ensure continuity is provided by the Teacher or Teaching Assistant.
Resources will be allocated or adapted as needed.

 External support and services are provided by

  • Parent and Support Advisor
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • SAPTs and Physiotherapy


Because we are a primary school, the support continues from
Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.
Transition arrangements in Key Stage 3 are made through close liaison with the local secondary schools. Some pupils will have extra visits and parent meetings.




We will provide one to one support for those pupils who have statements of Special Educational Needs or a EHCP plan and support them through any transitions as their individual needs require. Support will start from Nursery transition and continue into EYFS through close liaison with the nursery schools. Transition arrangements into Key Stage 3 are made through close liaison with the local secondary schools. Some pupils will have extra visits with a teaching assistant and parent meetings. If you have any concerns regarding your child's transition then please contact Mrs Morris who will assist with your queries.




Teaching will be adapted to meet the needs of all pupils in school. Teachers and Teaching Assistants at the school pride themselves on clearly adapting learning outcomes and activities to suit the need of all our learners. This may be through activities and tasks, support given and resources provided.

The school provides staff training for teachers, teaching assistants and midday supervisors but also offers individual staff training as necessary to support the needs of individual children. Examples of this are Speech and Language training, Selective Mutism training, Dyslexia training, Autism social and communication training and behaviour support strategy training.





The school has disabled access to all parts of the school building and has an easily accessible disabled toilet.
The school also offers a quiet nurture room and emotional support to students who need a little extra help.


After school clubs are available to all pupils in our school. Please click on the club icon above to view a list or our After School Clubs.




The school offers an open door policy and will discuss any concerns with parents and carers. All pupil records are kept up to date and follow the child through school. The SENCO will liaise with parents, staff and outside agencies as necessary to arrange reviews, assessments and meetings.




Parent and Carers support

The school has staff who are available to assist with any concerns or queries that you may have regarding your child's education and needs.

Head Teacher Mr Carruthers
Deputy Head Mrs Levitt
SENDco Mrs Morris
SEND Governor Mrs Leddy


The school has a parent support advisor who is very willing to support any parent or carerwho requires it.

Contact Details - Elaine Manson
Tel -  07825 522613
email -

Other support services are available locally.
Please visit these sites by clicking on the images.






"The communication process between school and home has always been fantastic. Inviting us in to talk about her needs and support that is available to her has been useful across the years.
Teachers have directed us to further support to help too.
I have also found that the teachers and support staff are so approachable and take time to listen at all times, this helps our communication between school and home so easy.

I can not thank the staff enough that have worked with my daughter across the years" 


"Excellent communication between SENDCO / parent"