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Releasing the Potential Within


It is our duty to nurture, guide and support each individual child, so that they achieve as highly as possible, and become a caring and productive member of their community.

To achieve this, our specific aims are:

To support every member of our school community to be the best that they can be

To create a special place where special things happen

To ensure that every member of our school works as a team for the good of all

To ensure that mutual respect and equality of opportunity lies at the heart of all that we do

To give all children and staff the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their school

 To develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds

To demand exemplary behaviour, politeness and attention to task

To support pupils to achieve the highest possible standards across the whole curriculum

To ensure that our staff are highly trained and supported to deliver the very best

To develop good relationships with parents so that they have the information and skills to actively support their child on their learning journey.

The following motto is used to remind children of their responsibilities as learners and as caring members of our school community:

Good, Better, Best,

Never let it rest,

Until your good is better,

And your better,

Is your best!